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Christmas / New Year Bookings

Please book early for the holiday periods since we are always very busy

New Facilities

Our new purpose built luxury accommodation is now fully operational and is receiving many compliments from customers. 

Please come and visit these facilities if you haven’t already done so

Terms and Conditions

There are some minor changes to our Terms and Conditions see here. We have made these changes because a very small minority of customers have abused booking arrangements and collection times during the past year.

Kennel Cough Advice

Kennel Cough, or infectious bronchitis, is the most widespread infectious disease of dogs in Britain today. The 65,000 dogs diagnosed with the condition last year had mostly picked it up in parks, streets, training classes, shows... situations that had nothing to do with kennels! Protection against kennel cough is NOT NORMALLY included in your pet’s routine annual vaccinations. However, it can be added relatively easily - just a small drop of liquid applied to one nostril which will protect your dog for at least a year. Please ensure that your dog is fully vaccinated including kennel cough at least 14 days prior to staying in kennels and do remember to bring the relevant certification.