Are you licenced?

Yes, we are licenced by the Local Authority (Hambleton District Council) in accordance with the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities) Regulations 2018.

We are proud to have been awarded the highest rating (Five Star) after rigorous assessment which covers all aspects of our activities.

Our licence number is B19/12/Y2

Are you insured?

Yes we hold full Employers Liability Insurance.

Does my dog have to be vaccinated?

Yes, this is a requirement of our licence and is essential to keep your dog safe and to protect others. All dogs entering kennels (including Daycare) are required to have a certificate confirming protection against distemper, canine hepatitis, parvovirus and leptospirosis. This must be signed and dated by an appropriately qualified veterinary surgeon. Generally viral protection is valid for three years except leptospirosis which is required annually. Note that only licenced vaccines administered by a qualified veterinary surgeon will be accepted - homeopathic, herbal or other products are not accepted.

It is also a licencing requirement that your dog is vaccinated against Kennel Cough (Bordetella Bronchiseptica), this is an annual requirement. The Kennel Cough vaccine is a live vaccine and so it must be given at least two weeks before admission to be effective. We cannot accept dogs without a valid vaccination certificate dated at least two weeks before admission.

All vaccinations must be administered at least two weeks before arrival and we must insist on seeing your pet’s original certificates of vaccination. Please contact your vet if you require further advice on this topic

Terms and Conditions

When making a booking for your dog you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions 

Are your premises secure?

Yes, our premises are fully fenced and gated, we have CCTV coverage of the entrances and access areas, our buildings are kept securely locked except during normal operating times when staff members are always present. This is also part of our licence qualification (see "Are you licenced")

Are you able to administer medication for my dog?

Yes, we are generally able to administer prescribed medication for your dog. However, please contact us about this at the time of booking. Any medication most be supplied in the original packaging with dosage instructions. It will be kept securely and clearly labelled for your dog.

My dog requires a special diet

We much prefer clients to provide food for their dog in order to maintain their individual diet and simply to avoid any upsets due to change of diet. Please ensure that you provide an adequate amount of food for your dog's stay. It will be clearly labelled and stored securely.

Do you cater for puppies?

Yes we are happy to welcome fully vaccinated puppies from 20 weeks of age. However, kennels are not always suitable for very young puppies and so we do need to assess your pet. Puppies and immature dogs require a different approach to exercise, socialisation and stimulation which may incur an additional charge. Please contact us before booking. 

What if my dog becomes ill during their stay?

We would normally contact your listed vet (as recorded on your Registration Form) for advice. In an emergency or if your dog is not registered locally we will use the services of Galtres Vets in Flawith who care for our own dogs. Owners are liable for all consultation and treatment costs. Please provide us with your insurance details which will be noted on your Registration Form.

Can we come and visit the facilities and meet the staff?

Absolutely, we welcome visits to inspect our facilities and meet our team, please ring us to book a mutually convenient time. We also welcome and encourage short trial visits for both Boarding and Day Care to ensure that your pet (and yourselves) are comfortable for a longer stay.

What are your 'House Rules'?

Please observe the Abbotsway Kennels House Rules when you are on site for the safety of yourself and your pets.

The House Rules are clearly displayed on our noticeboards and can be read on our Terms and Conditions page.

In particular do not enter the premises until you have contacted a member of staff.

Please keep your dog on a lead at all times

Please take extra care when manoeuvring vehicles in the yard. 

When can we drop off and collect our dog?

Our opening times are clearly displayed on our web site

We are open morning and afternoon every day except Sundays in winter when we open only in the afternoon.

If you cannot attend at these times please get in touch - we will try and meet your requirements but we cannot guarantee to do so.

Can I bring bedding, toys and treats for my dog?

Yes we encourage you to bring familiar items such as bedding and toys for your dog to help them settle in. Please note that toys will only be provided with the owner's signed agreement and will be removed at our discretion if we have any concerns such as choking or teeth damage. All toys will be removed at night and those belonging to individual dogs will be bagged and labelled. Animal bones, wood sticks, friable toys and similar items are not permitted.

All items are left at your own risk. 

What are your rates?

Our standard rates for Boarding and Day Care are posted on our web site in the 'Services' Section.

We can provide shared accommodation for multiple dogs from the same family, again the rates are posted on our web site. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Our rates assume that customers provide food for their dog(s) in order to avoid any diet issues. If necessary we can provide basic food for an additional charge.

We reserve the right to request a deposit for bookings at busy periods and to make charges for late cancellations - please see our Terms and Conditions.

We accept payment by cash or cheque

My dog has special needs (eg sociability problems) can you help?

We make every effort to accommodate all types of dog and the socialisation that we provide can help some nervous dogs gain confidence.

However, if your dog has particular needs in this respect and especially if it is aggressive please contact us before booking.

We reserve the right to refuse any dog which we judge likely to be a danger to staff or other dogs.  

What accommodation do you offer?

We have a licenced capacity of up to 55 dogs. We have a total of 34 internal pens in two purpose built facilities. We have a limited number of larger pens which can accommodate up to four dogs from the same household - please call to discuss. Our premises are well lit and have heating and ventilation. . We do not have external runs for each pen, we prefer to exercise the dogs regularly for their own well being and in order to maintain the building environment.

What facilities do you have for exercise and stimulation?

We have an extensive grassed paddock area (approximately 3 acres) and a paved and fenced play area adjacent to the south kennels building.

In general each dog will receive at least two walks of twenty minutes or more each day (morning and afternoon). In addition each dog will be given the opportunity to spend time in the enclosed exercise area away from the kennel block where it will be stimulated by physical activities such as ball games. 

Do you offer a grooming service?

We can offer a basic grooming service for resident dogs.

Please book this on arrival if required.