Summer 2024

Welcome to our July 2024 Newsletter

As you all appreciate this is an extremely busy time of year and, due to some recent experiences, we are writing urgently to avoid problems for both ourselves and yourselves.


Firstly, this is yet another reminder that the Kennel Cough vaccine must be given at least two clear weeks before admission. This is because it is a live vaccine and your dog is highly contagious for two weeks following the vaccination and therefore a hazard to other dogs.

We cannot accept dogs without a valid, correctly dated vaccination certificate – this is both a DEFRA Licencing condition and an insurance requirement. Several customers have arrived recently having had their dog vaccinated at the last minute and we have had to refuse entry which has caused disruption and disappointment for all concerned.

In addition, we are spending time searching for vaccination records on behalf of customers. We do not have the resources to do this. It is your responsibility to ensure that you dog has up to date vaccinations and to provide the relevant paperwork 

We will refuse admission if this documentation is not complete.

Terms and Conditions: 

Our cancellation policy is rarely invoked and we fully understand that circumstances can change. We always try to accommodate unavoidable changes by our regular customers. Recently we have had some customers who have cancelled bookings at the last minute. This results in a loss of revenue to us and empty kennel space which is always at a premium. 

A booking is not a provisional reservation. We therefore now require 14 days notice of cancellation - not 48 hours. Our Ts & Cs are amended with immediate effect as follows -

“At busy times we reserve the right to charge 50% of the Boarding Fee at the time of booking. Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to cancel a booking. We reserve the right to charge 50% of the Boarding Fee if a cancellation is made with less than 14 days’ notice” 

If this change causes you problems with a current booking, please get in touch urgently

Thank you in advance for your compliance with these requests which are to ensure your pets have a trouble free stay and to avoid disruption to your holiday arrangements. 

Please note that we are fully booked until late September 

Best Wishes 





Winter 2023

Welcome to our December 2023 Newsletter, the year seems to have flown past, the kennels continue to be busy for both Boarding and Day Care this autumn.

A reminder that the Kennel Cough vaccine must be given at least two weeks before admission. We cannot accept dogs without a valid vaccination certificate – this is both a DEFRA Licencing condition and an insurance requirement.
Please be aware that there are reports of cases of canine parvovirus locally – this is an extremely dangerous and very contagious disease – another reason to keep your pet’s 
vaccinations up to date.

Winter Opening Times: 
Effective from 1st October 2023 until 1st April 2024 –
Monday to Friday           08:00 - 10:00 & 16:00 - 18:00
Saturday                       08:00 - 10:00 & 16:00 - 17:00
Sunday (Oct to April) 16:00 – 18:00 Only    
Boarding and Day care Rates: 
Please note that we have revised our rates as follows –

                                Daycare    Overnight Boarding (24hr)
    One dog                £17                       £22
    Two dogs              £22                      £30
    Three + dogs        £25                      £35

Beds and Bedding: 
Regular customers know that we provide bedding for your dog although many prefer to bring familiar materials. We use traditional fleece vet bedding which can be washed and recycled. Recently we have seen an increasing number of dogs who regularly chew their bedding to destruction. As well as being a hazardous and unhealthy habit it is expensive for the kennels to continually replace these fleeces. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you discourage this habit and we advise that we will make a small surcharge for the materials destroyed in these cases.  

Book Early to Avoid Disappointment: 
We are already having significant bookings for peak periods in 2024. Please book as soon as you know your requirements for these peak times.

Kennel Improvements:
We will be carrying out improvements to the North Kennels soon – installing a new heating system and improved insulation. We will advise the dates early in the new year - the work will be undertaken at off peak times.  

As ever we are always delighted to receive feedback or suggestions from our customers,

Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year